Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Playlists

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Playlists? It Is All About Your Account

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Playlists? – Tubidy allows you to stream and watch videos and music from the internet for free. Moreover, you also can make a playlist of music or video, so you can easily watch and enjoy them later. So, Why is Tubidy not showing all playlists?

Originally, Tubidy will display the playlist you have made before. Thus, you can access all your favorite videos or music you put in it. However, in some cases, this app doesn’t show the playlist.

Here, you will learn more about this problem, its cause, and the solution. Most of them are simple to solve and don’t require too much skill and knowledge. Let’s start!

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Playlists

Logout from Your Account

It happens often to the beginner or when you use Tubidy for the first time. You forgot to log in and can’t find your playlist. As you might already know, you can only access the Tubidy playlist from your account/profile menu.

So, the solution is easy. You only need to log in to your account. Open the account menu and you will find the playlist you made there.

Your Account Was Deactivated or Banned

There is also a possibility that Tubidy has deactivated or banned your account because it’s illegal. Why is Tubidy illegal? It could happen because you break the rule or other things.

If you have this problem, you should contact the developer/customer service. You also can ask this question for a more proper answer. Why is Tubidy not showing all playlists?

Why Is Tubidy Not Showing All Playlists

You Accidentally Delete or Not Saving Your Playlist

Sometimes, you only put the song or video in the playlist and forget to save it. Or, worst of all, you accidentally delete the playlist you made, and then log out from Tubidy. This situation can lead to the problem we explained in this article.

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Unfortunately, Tubidy doesn’t have to undo the feature. So, you need to make the playlist from scratch once more. It requires more time, but at least you get your playlist back.


That’s the solution to the playlist problem. Most of them are easy to solve without help from the developer. However, we recommend you contact customer service or a developer for proper help and a solution.

We hope this article can help you solve the problem you have in Tubidy. And, if someone asks this question, Why is Tubidy not showing all playlists? You will know how to answer it and provide the solution for other Tubidy users.